Knowsmoke and Partner for Smarter Vehicle Condition Reporting

Knowsmoke and Partner for Smarter Vehicle Condition Reporting


Knowsmoke and Partner to Strengthen Vehicle Condition Reporting

Knowsmoke, the company behind the world’s first rapid test that detects tobacco-specific chemicals in a vehicle’s upholstery, and, the leader in automotive dealership website solutions, have teamed up to offer a game-changing integration for dealerships.

With this integration, dealerships can now digitally merchandise their vehicles as “certified smoke free” across vehicle description pages (VDP’s) following a successful inspection with Knowsmoke’s flagship product, Ion. The integration will provide dealers with a seamless and efficient way to showcase their inventory and improve online visibility.

Knowsmoke picks up where Carfax leaves off, providing dealers with an innovative merchandising opportunity that offers customers the data they need to make an informed decision. By ensuring that vehicles are smoke free, dealers can differentiate their offering, accelerate sales velocity, and increase the value of their inventory.

Knowsmoke’s Ion is the first of its kind and offers a quick and objective solution to detect the presence of cigarette residue in a vehicle’s upholstery. The more buyers know, the more they are willing to pay. With this integration of smoke history reporting into the platform, dealerships have a chance to capture the attention and trust of a market that is more health conscious than ever.

“We are excited to work with and bring this innovative solution to dealerships all across the county,” said Nathan Shaver, CEO and cofounder of Knowsmoke. “How dealerships present their inventory is critical. The more data you can provide, the more confident the buyer is in making their decision — and the details matter. “

About Knowsmoke

Knowsmoke is a science-first, California-based technology company developing tools that objectively measure smoke history when buying, selling, or renting a vehicle. Knowsmoke is the company behind Ion, the world’s first rapid test that detects tobacco-specific chemicals in a vehicle’s upholstery at toxic levels. With its innovative technology, Knowsmoke is positioning itself as the industry standard for smoke detection and smoke damage prevention.

About is the leading provider of automotive dealership website solutions. With its innovative platform, helps dealerships succeed in a rapidly evolving digital landscape. By providing cutting-edge technology and world-class support, is helping dealerships improve their online visibility and customer experience.

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