Smoke free cars are worth more and demand is high.

By conducting thousands of surveys at dealerships with active used car shoppers, we confirmed that in-cabin air quality and cigarette smoke contamination are significant concerns when considering a used car.


Want to know if the car they are buying was smoked in.


Would pay more for a car with a smoke free guarantee.


Believe that a smoke free certified car is worth more.

Peace of mind is the ultimate selling tool.
Deliver the ultimate car shopping experience with Knowsmoke's cutting-edge inspection and reporting technology. As car shoppers become increasingly health conscious, our industry's competitiveness is soaring. With Knowsmoke, you can bridge the value gap and enhance online reach, boost revenue, and satisfy evolving consumer needs.
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Smoke free cars command a higher valuation.

According to the nation’s leading pre-owned retailers, smoke free certified vehicles are easier to sell, worth more money, and move faster.

Why Knowsmoke?
We understand the market

Our team has a lifetime of experience in the used car industry. We speak your language, and we know what matters.


Knowsmoke is the first company to offer on-site, rapid thirdhand smoke testing solutions and smoke history reporting.

The data advantage.

Smoke free certification adds measurable value to your vehicles. The more data you can provide, the more confident the buyer is in making their decision and the details matter.

Seamless onboarding.

Knowsmoke is turnkey. We provide education, sales training, digital integration, and more to ensure you start achieving value immediately.

Trusted by
industry leaders
Huntington Beach CDJR
“Smoke free certifying our vehicles helps us stand out amongst the competition. Our customers love the peace of mind that comes with a smoke free certification from a trusted third-party, and they are willing to pay for it too.”
Kevin Corning, Managing Partner

2019 GM Dealer of the Year
Top 5 Stellantis dealer in US (2017-2022)
Partnered with Knowsmoke to increase gross profits by $200K

Tustin Buick GMC
“Peace of mind is an easy upsell. Detailed vehicle history reports help us to satisfy our customers, sell more cars, and drive additional profits. Carfax now seems incomplete without Knowsmoke.”
Ronnie Blomquist, General Manager

2019 GM Dealer of the Year
Top 10 GMC Buick dealer in the US
Increased pre-owned gross PVR by 8.96%

Inventory optimized
Mobile Friendly

Vehicle inspections are quick and easy. All inspection data is uploaded instantly using the Knowsmoke app.

Software Integrations

Enhance your used car listings with custom VDP and SRP tagging. Fully integrated with vAuto,, and more.

Dealer Portal

Track vehicle inspection data and export VIN specific reports in seconds.

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