From Idea to Impact

Knowsmoke is a clean air company led by Nathan Shaver, a fifth generation car dealer and national leader in automotive sales, and Habibe Turfan, a tenured material scientist with a proven track record commercializing deep tech. Together, they aspire to standardize smoke detection in all shared, indoor spaces and bring thirdhand smoke awareness to the world.

The Knowsmoke team believes thirdhand smoke exposure is a public health crisis. More than 1.2 billion shared, indoor spaces around the world are vulnerable to exposure without consequence, risking the health and well-being of billions. Unfortunately, the health risks associated with thirdhand smoke disproportionately affect our most vulnerable communities and they need protection the most.

Nathan Shaver
CEO & Co-founder
Habibe Turfan
CTO & Co-founder
Lane Goedhart
Xiangyi Kong
Data Scientist
Martin Mindling
Director of Strategic Partnerships
Batuhan Sahin
Software & Project Manager
Taner Arslan
R&D Manager
Nick Valenzuela
Account Executive
Volkan Erat
Operations Manager
Aylin Uzun
Office Manager
Utku Ulaş Tekin
Production Engineer
Edip Refik Güventürk
Head of PD
Onder Ozturk
Prototype Technician
We believe smoke history should be a condition of sale for every pre-owned and rental vehicle.

We want to protect health conscious and vulnerable consumers while empowering businesses of all sizes to adopt a more health-centered and transparent business model.

Our core values

We incorporate cutting edge research to make sure our products identify and measure novel toxins that are legitimately dangerous for your health at environmentally relevant doses.


We constantly strive to develop state of the art technology that enables the transportation and hospitality industries to detect smoke in ways not previously possible.


We believe that it is a universal, human right to live in carcinogenic-free environments pursuant to the United Nations’ Article 25 of the Universal Declaration of Human Rights.

Combining advanced material science with market demand

Knowsmoke is a science-first, California-based technology company that started developing tools to objectively measure smoke history when buying, selling, or renting a vehicle. With a team of more than ten material scientists, chemists, and engineers from around the world, Knowsmoke is building an arsenal of products that will add an additional layer of transparency to automotive retail and hospitality.

Following the release of Ion, a rapid test for confirming the presence of toxic tobacco residue (thirdhand smoke) in a vehicle’s interior, our team has already started exploring new opportunities in more diverse markets.

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