Ion Home
DIY At-Home Cigarette Smoke Residue Test Kit
Ion Home
DIY At-Home Cigarette Smoke Residue Test Kit
The world's first and most sensitive DIY rapid cigarette smoke residue test kit for common, in-home surfaces. A great tool for landlords and property managers! Knowsmoke's patented design and sample collection system offers instant, precise, and affordable results for anyone concerned with cigarette smoke contamination in their home.

Alternative solutions are overly complicated, time-consuming, and impractical. Skip the 10-14 day wait for lab results and uncover hidden smoke residue instantly. Suspect smoke but can't smell or prove it? Don't worry. Knowsmoke deploys the same proven lateral flow immunoassay technology found in medical labs, with a detection threshold of 0.2 ng/ml. All testing materials are provided.
(2 Pack)
  • Low-cost
  • Easy-to-use
  • Instant results
  • Non-toxic
  • Recyclable
  • Single-use
Cigarette and tobacco smoke residue may persist on surfaces for extended periods of time, ranging from months to even years. It is important to pinpoint a testing location where indoor smoking is common or suspected, or where dust tends to accumulate.
Consider testing the following common in-home surfaces for the most accurate results when assessing for cigarette or tobacco smoke residue.
Walls or ceilings
Ceiling fans
Door frames and shelving
Window sills and frames
Ceiling light fixtures
Picture frames
Non-fabric furniture
Air condition vents
Rapid Detection

Uncover toxic cigarette smoke residue in minutes, even if it's not detectable by smell. No lab testing required.

Accurate & Safe

Our technology uses a trusted scientific method to accurately isolate and detect tobacco-specific particles.

Portable & Discreet

Perfect for on-the-go! Take Ion Home with you before you rent or buy.

Easy To Use

Basic assembly required. Testing takes 30 seconds and results are available in 3 minutes.

US & EU Patent-Pending

World's first rapid at-home cigarette smoke residue test kit, ultra-sensitive for unparalleled accuracy.

Need evidence of a tenant smoking?
Do you suspect a tenant is smoking in one of your rental properties, or have you received complaints from neighbors about smoke odor? If yes, Ion Home is your solution!

Indoor tobacco smoking is a costly problem, incurring expenses for cleaning and property damage, reducing property values, affecting residents' health, and increasing the risk of accidental fires and fire-related injuries.

Ion Home can provide the evidence you’ll need to take action and protect your properties from indoor tobacco smoking.
Knowsmoke is a California-based technology company striving to establish a universal standard for residual smoke detection in all shared indoor spaces.
Established in 2021, our company quickly set the standard for residual smoke detection in vehicles, having formed partnerships with some of the largest franchise car dealerships in the country and leading rental car companies like Enterprise, Hertz, and SIXT.
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